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Dade Family Reunion Info.

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The purpose of this site is to provide the Family and Friends with a platform in which they can share thoughts, issues, articles, concerns, awards, acknowledgements, pictures or just plain old grass roots information with other family or friends. All posted documents and their content are the responsibility of the individual who composed them. YourGrassRootsIssues will not be held responsible, in no way, for any document content. This site is not and will not be a platform for gossip, vengeance, or what we consider childish pranks. If you feel that you have relevant and timely information that you would like to share send an e-mail message with your document attached preferably (word, pdf, or txt format). Please check your spelling and grammar all documents will be posted as received. If you would like to have your name and/or contact information posted with the document, please provide this information in your e-mail message. All documents will be archived after 30 days. Click on link to send your Information to: YourGrassRootsIssues YourGrassRootsIssues


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